About us

Hi there. We are DJ Match, the No. 1 platform where you find the right DJ for your event. We match experienced DJ’s for Clubs and Pubs, festivals, event organizers, companies, wedding couples, birthdays and other party animals.

5 Things you need to know about DJ Match!

1. The right DJ makes a good party great

Not one party is the same. Each party requires a DJ that matches with the crowd and the type of venue. An allround DJ will feel right at home with all the latest hits, where other DJ’s are specialized in Techno, House or R&B. The right DJ makes your party great. 

2. How do we find your DJ?

You let us know what you’re looking for and we go headhunting for the ultimate match, based on our state of the art search criteria and algorithms. Once all matching DJ’s are identified, DJ Match will automatically select a Top 5 for you to choose from. All you need to do is select the best and forget the rest.

3. In urgent need of a DJ?

You’re all organized and your event is about to start when your DJ pulls a ‘no-show’. With an urgent DJ request (Rescue) you will find your replacement DJ quickly. Within just a few minutes we provide you with matching, available DJ’s including their résumé and current location.

4. The fastest growing DJ community

We know what it feels like to match with the right audience. That’s why we are the fastest growing DJ community in Europe. We have the largest number of DJ’s available and our team consists of experienced DJ’s, with a lot of knowledge about the DJ-industry.   

5. It’s a people’s business

We’re there 24/07 to help you get the perfect DJ Match. You can contact us directly via chat or phone and if you want to know what others say about us, just check out our reviews.