Live performances
Live performances
Sound and light
Hardstyle, Hard Dance, Freestyle
My name is Bart aka dj nikonenko. Am 35 years old and come from the Netherlands. My passion for harddance music goes back a long way. From the age of 10 I have been working on music and have always been concerned. I’ve been busy with DJing for a couple of years now and just enjoying my hobby. The style that I spin is mainly Freestyle. Combine the harder styles from the dance scene. Great inspiration and example for me is DJ Kutski.

Sinds a few months now resident DJ at Beats2Dance where I do my show Freedom of Style every month. In this hour it’s all about harddance music, from old to new and from house to hardcore. And at the time I will do live events on Facebook.

Curious about my mixes check then the Facebook page of Beats2Dance or go to my own site on Facebook djnikonenko.

And always remember Keep The Rave Alive !!!!!!!!!!!
Bart is proficient in these genres:
Hardstyle, Hard Dance, Freestyle, EDM, Hardcore, Techno Underground, Acid, Breakcore
Bart speaks the following languages:
Dutch ( Nederlands, Vlaams ), English ( English )
He does not use a microphone during gigs
He can play up to 8 hours in one stretch.
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