Frequently asked questions

Questions for the DJ

Can I request a mix from the DJ for our opening dance?

Yes, he/she will create a special mix comprising your favourite tracks.

TIP: Maybe also suggest a track with which you want to end the party.

How/where do we make our music requests known?

In your match request you indicate the style(s) of music you want. You can make this even more specific by handing him/her your top-15. And, you can even consider a blacklist with tracks you definitely do not want to hear.

Can I ask the DJ for an introductory meeting?

Yes, you can request this directly from the DJ yourself.

Can I prescribe a dress code for the DJ?

Of course, after all it is your party. Some theme parties have a theme dress code, or some just a trendy shirt.

Lighting and Sound Equipment

Are these included in the DJ’s price?

No, the DJ’s price excludes lighting and sound equipment. Of course, if your request is for a DJ with drive-in show, the equipment is all included.

Can DJ Match take care of lighting and sound equipment?

Yes, you can request a quote for lighting and sound equipment. We then ensure a supplier close by that meets the quality required against a competitive price.


How is everything communicated with the management of my location?

We advise you to hook up both DJ and equipment supplier directly with the location management. Both are professionals and know exactly what to ask and what is required on location.


What are the terms of payment?

You arrange payment with the DJ directly. The same applies for ‘live’ act performers and equipment suppliers.

So what does DJ Match charge me?

Nothing at all! For our customers, DJ Rescue and DJ Match are a free service.